Pimax Vision 8K X VR Headset


Connectivity Technology USB
Included Components 4.5M DP/USB Cable, User Manual, VR Headset, DMAS, Comfort Kit
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Model Name 8KX
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  • Ultra Wide 200° FOV – Pimax 8K X renders an ultra-wide Field of View of 200 degrees diagonally, which is very close to real life human vision FOV. This makes the VR experience significantly more natural and immersive. Playing VR games does no longer feel like looking through binoculars – and the panels will never limit your view. 8K X delivers an unparalleled true-to-life virtual reality experience – like never before!
  • Dual Native 4K Displays – Pimax 8K X VR Headset, powered by two full-sized 4K panels rendering a native 3840×2160 resolution per eye, is currently in the front-line of the Virtual Reality industry with the highest fidelity and image clarity. By using industry-leading LCD panels with a highest possible pixel count and nearly 50% increased subpixel density, the Pimax 8KX is able to minimize the Screen Door Effect and create the most impressive Virtual Reality experience possible today.
  • Enhance Your VR Experience – Strong Bass Response and top notch sound quality enhances everything from the roar of an engine to the booming sound of explosions allowing maximum immersion for your VR adventures.
  • New Audio Solution – 40mm HD Driver Unit. Pimax acoustic engineers make a professional audio work, and further optimize Deluxe Modular Audio Strap (DMAS)’s driver unit. The advantage of hardware alone has mastered a fast audio transient response. Incredibly Detailed and Clean Mids and Highs, Dive Real Deep into the World of Sound.
  • New Upgrades – 8K X DMAS with new upgrades offers a native 4K resolution mode with 90Hz rendering true 3840x2160p resolution per eye. It can maximize the effect of DMAS and make an audio-visual feast.
  • Recommended PC Specs – OS: Windows 10,11.GPU: RTX 2080 or above. CPU: Intel I5-9400 or above, RAM: 8GB or more, Output: USB3.0*1, DP*1 port. Desktop PC is highly recommended. Room scale movement track requires at least 1 SteamVR Lighthouse tracking device. The Desktop is recommended and not for the Laptop.
  • Please note – if you are a GTX 3090Ti user, due to the new changes in the signal output method of this graphics card, the model of Pimax 8KX DMAS does not currently support this graphics card, your understanding in this regard is much appreciated.

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