Zodiac CNX 3060 IQ – Pool Cleaner Robot Bottom/Walls/W


  • For pools 12 x 6 m maximum
  • For flat bottoms, gentle, steep and diamond-shaped slopes
  • Adapted to all types of pools with liner coating, polyester and reinforced PVC, painted concrete
  • Two cycles, bottom only and bottom/wall/water line (1h30 and 2h30)
  • Smart commute
  • Efficient removal of dirt thanks to helical-shaped brushes


hanks to Zodiac’s patented cyclonic suction, the CNX range has powerful and long lasting performance. The helical-shaped brushes, the double filtration (depending on the model) and the great suction capacity, allow the efficient collection of all residues, from the coarsest to the finest. The CNX pool cleaners, of exclusive design and with integrated sensors, move with agility regardless of the shape or the lining of the pool.

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